You want to take part in the IMPROject Training? Amazing!
How to apply? Step 1: read the call for participants ( Step 2: tell us some stuff about you!
What's your name? *

Hey, nice that you're interested to join!
For administrative purposes, tell us your date of birth. *

Share with us link to your Facebook profile or website. *

So we can get to know you better.
Which country will you be travelling from? *

We have funding for this training and are looking for participants living/studying/residing in the countries below.

Thanks! Please tell us a bit more about you! Why do you want to join this training?

Passion(s), work, personality... anything you want :)
Tell us a bit more about your work (with youth)! What do you do?

...anything that you want to share, experiences that inspired you, directions where you want to develop...
And now let's touch the topic of the training. What is your experience with improvisation, nature and community living?

No worries, if you are not a pro. No artistic or impro skills are needed to attend the training.
Just to be clear: By signing up for this training, you ackowledge, that you know that you are responsible for your own travel arrangements and health insurance, as well as for your own health and safety during the training. *

Also, that you are motivated and willing to commit to work on the objectives of the training course and participate in the whole duration of the project (preparation, training course, follow-up activities).
Anything else you want to share with us? Do you have any food requirements (allergies, etc) or any special needs (mobility, medical condition etc.) ?

Anything open? Questions? Remarks? Tell us now!

Some information you might find useful:
- We can cover your travel expenses up to:
180€ for participants from Germany & Czech Republic, 275€ for participants from Italy, France and Bulgaria, 360€ for participants from Portugal.
- Accomodation will be in tents in beautiful nature and food will be vegetarian.
- We will be working in community setting and some tasks (cooking, cleaning, inputs for the training) will be shared among the participants.

We're looking forward to seeing you on the training! Jana+Antonio+Andrej+Felix / The IMPROject team
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